The Lady and The Pedlar (1982)

Zaev Nirnberg ( Direction )

Production: Arti Koot Connection Films & AVRO Television
Script: Jan Duvekot, David McGillivray and Zaev Nirnberg
Camera: Fred Tammes
Music: Benjamin Ashkenazy
Cast: Julien Schoenaerts and Chris Lomme
Color: 77min/English simultaneous translation
Information: Netherlands Information Service

This film is based on a short story by S. Y. Agnon and is to be considered as an allegoric fairy-tale based on the subject of the Wandering Jew. A pedlar, a practicising Jew, gets food, love and affection of a very rich lady. But after a few years he experiences that he is caught in a web and the film gets the character of a horror movie.

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